Meth gives me a headache

Dammit, I want my Sudafed! I found a stash of expired Claritin D in what passes for our medicine cabinet today and it was like discovering a solid gold meteorite in the backyard. Score! I'm basking in a pseudoephedrine glow as we speak.

Phenylephrine just isn't cutting it. Curse all meth cookers and do-gooders! I have to have a headache because you can't get along?


The Wine Commonsewer said...

Psuedoephedrine turns my kidneys inside out while sucking every last drop of moisture from my poor, aching body leaving me feeling like a guy with a really bad case of, well, NSU (or worse).

But I get your drift. Every time I see the boxes of Sudafed behind the counter at Target I want to throttle someone.

Although it's an easy protest, I'll never buy another box of Sudafed.

The Wine Commonsewer said...

Great headline BTW

bill said...

I agree about the headline. I glanced at it, thought nah, couldn't be.... and immediately read the article. Which is one of the signs of a catchy headline.