made me laugh

Reason Magazine - Hit & Run > For the Love of Allah:

"I'll see you and raise with the fact we have a 50-ish on-the-weekends tranny at work who, when dressed like a man, is the spitting image of John Denver."

Remember to wash your hands

At last, the Smithsonian gets Colbert - Los Angeles Times:

"WASHINGTON -- The line outside the bathroom at the National Portrait Gallery has been out the door ever since museum officials decided to hang a portrait of late-night host Stephen Colbert between the men's and women's restrooms.

'The lines have been extraordinary,' museum director Marc Pachter said Monday as he prepared to end his 33-year tenure with the Smithsonian Institution. 'A friend e-mailed that it was good I was leaving with my dignity.'"

It's that time again...

A Letter of Introduction from T. Herman Zweibel | The Onion - America's Finest News Source:

"I almost cannot believe it is time for the suet-brained populace of this flagging Republic to be once again herded into the voting-booths to allegedly choose precisely which bloody-handed butcher will crack their bones and suck the marrow over the next few years."

She's Tracy Flick

The Political Scene: The Choice: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker:

"Obama spoke for only twenty-five minutes and took no questions; he had figured out how to leave an audience at the peak of its emotion, craving more. As he was ending, I walked outside and found five hundred people standing on the sidewalk and the front steps of the opera house, listening to his last words in silence, as if news of victory in the Pacific were coming over the loudspeakers. Within minutes, I couldn’t recall a single thing that he had said, and the speech dissolved into pure feeling, which stayed with me for days."

Numerosi palline colorati

Apply directly to the forehead!

Davenetics* : Five Reasons I Am Too Old to Blog:

"The commercials that air during the nightly news actually speak to me. I do have a restless leg. My wife and I often recline side by side in separate outdoor tubs, watch the sunset and wonder, “Are we ready?”. I eat Flomax like tic tacs. And I haven’t taken a shit without any outside help since the late nineties."

Sexy Beijing

Thanks to Too Much Nick for this link to Sexy Beijing, my new favorite TV show.

Ah, Sweden qotw: "Recently I've been cooped up with 'Vinterkr�kssjukan' Literally translated to 'winter vomit illness'. Yes, That's right: Besides having Saunas, Volvos and Suicide as national passtimes, Swedes also have a traditional winter illness that causes you to hoy your guts up. It's tradition: one must comply."

Dynamic interdependent unity

THE WORLD QUESTION CENTER 2008 — Page 8: "The orthodox view of perfect physical laws is a thinly-veiled vestige of monothesim, the reigning world view that prevailed at the birth of modern science. If we want to explain the laws, however, we have to abandon the theological legacy that the laws are fixed and absolute, and replace them with the notion that the states of the world and the laws that link them form a dynamic interdependent unity."