The cat litter cult

Do you think Centinela Feed ("Where shopping for your pet is an experience") is run by a cult? Every time we go in there, we're mobbed by fresh faced young teenagers who are crushed when we don't want them to carry our cat litter to the car. They leap out at you from behind the displays of pigs' ears, eagerly asking if they can help. When you say no, their little faces fall, and they slink away. I always feel like I'm in that Seinfeld episode with the carpet cleaner cult.

Dagny, how big your lips are!

Brangelina in Atlas Shrugged? This can't possibly be good.

Facial expressions test

This test asks you to decode facial expressions. I got a 33, so watch yourself, because I know what you're thinking.

No Judge Wapner jokes

Are you a geek? Take the test. I got a 28, which sounds about right.

Dirty girl

Quote of the day:

"In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt."
-- Margaret Atwood
True dat!


From the pointless but cool department: A giant Tetris game played on the side of an office building.

Sir Mix-a-lot would be proud

A friend told me yesterday that I'm "built up like a sista."

(I got back.)

Little Bird

One of my favorite songs from the White Stripes, found as I explore You Tube.

I wish they could quit Wyoming

I was just listening to Area 33 on Sirius - mind-numbing progressive house for those of you not in the know - and they played the Brokeback Mountain super throbbing gay disco club mix. I guess it was inevitable, right?

My friend Alyssa and I went to see Brokeback a few weeks ago, to see what all the fuss was about, and we were both a little disappointed. I was expecting a heartbreaking romance and a good cry, but instead got a crushing reminder that human relationships are complicated and often unsatisfying, that people get stuck in mindsets that limit their options, and that I never ever want to move to Wyoming. I wanted Ennis and Jack to move away to Greenwich Village and live happily ever after, but instead they just got older and sadder. Curse you Ang Lee for rubbing my face in reality! Wasn't The Ice Storm bad enough?

It's the right thing to do

Jack White's coke ad. I kinda like it. I enjoy the fact that he's selling out to the man. As the Ferengi say, anything worth doing is worth doing for money.


My roses are blooming. Soon it will be jacaranda time!

The topiary show

They're filming something outside my office.

Nice to a certain extent

Overheard in L.A.

Guy on his two-way radio, walking angrily across campus:


Yeah, he nice to a certain extent, nigga. But that's what fucks me up. Why you gotta be nice to a certain extent?



Nostril cam

Just testing my new camera phone.


Have you seen Windowlicker?

I love You Tube. They have all my favorites.

Passive aggression

Last night I went into my bathroom and happened to glance down at my slippers. Inside one, I noticed a dainty little pile of cat turds. Ain't that a kick in the pants?