Meth gives me a headache

Dammit, I want my Sudafed! I found a stash of expired Claritin D in what passes for our medicine cabinet today and it was like discovering a solid gold meteorite in the backyard. Score! I'm basking in a pseudoephedrine glow as we speak.

Phenylephrine just isn't cutting it. Curse all meth cookers and do-gooders! I have to have a headache because you can't get along?

Raccoon visitor

Raccoon visitor, originally uploaded by claspingwalnut.

Our new visitor. Booty wants to eat him.

Totoro Bento

Bento 51806, originally uploaded by ichigogeisha.

Someone needs to make me a lunch like this. It's so cute I wouldn't eat it and then I'd be thin.

Ultraman Daddy

Side by Side, originally uploaded by Ultraman Daddy.

I find this amusing in a somewhat disturbing way. Check out these heartwarming photos of a father and daughter, taken while dad wears an Ultraman mask.

Big Qee

DSC02034, originally uploaded by claspingwalnut.

Mom and I went to the Laguna Beach Art Museum this weekend. Here she is with a giant Tim Biskup Qee.

Los Angeles Wildlife

It's been a veritable wildlife extravaganza here at Cosmifer Manor lately. (Still working on a name for our house. One idea was something like Hartfordshireburyland Heath Upon Avon Estates, but we haven't really gotten it quite right.) Besides the pocket gophers, who are systematically destroying all plant life in our backyard; hummingbirds; scrub jays; hawks; and squirrels, we've seen possums, a raccoon, and a big, perfectly silent, owl.

The squirrels are driving the cats crazy, scampering about like they own the place while Booty and Buckethead stare helplessly from behind the glass and make bleating sounds. We're working on hand-feeding one of the squirrels, but he thinks it might be a trap, and is reserving judgment until we prove ourselves worthy. He prefers to grab a corn kernel or pumpkin seed and scurry away somewhere with a clear escape route to eat it.

He stays in there for hours

Otto hangs out in the fridge.