We watched American Psycho the other night. What a great movie, and not just because Christian Bale runs around naked all the time. It was very dark, very funny, and very unusual. I loved it.

I'd write more, but I have to return some videotapes.

This was on my neighbor's door this evening. Her shit is priceless.

No pictures, please.

I got this email the other day, on Myspace.com:

"How are u doing today well i was just searchinh on here cos am new to this site,and i found your profile it great and you looks cute as well,will you mind talking to me ,Am Vick"

Sounds dreamy, doesn't he?

I saw Itzhak Perlman perform at the USC 125th anniversary celebration on Thursday. On Sunday I saw the L.A. Philharmonic perform Beethoven's Eroica symphony, and the premiere of a composition in honor of the Walt Disney Concert Hall. It's by Finnish composer Magnus Lindberg, and it's called Sculpture. He dedicated it to Frank Gehry, who was in the audience.

Thought for the day, from Spiked

"We have been encouraged to believe the propaganda of our public health authorities, instead of listening to the truth being told to them by their own bodies: that living a joyful, active life - one that includes the calm enjoyment of the many pleasures afforded by food - promotes health and longevity, while trying to conform to some arbitrary body 'ideal' does damage to both. Nothing less than a revolution is needed to overthrow America's eating-disordered culture, with its loathing of the most minimal body diversity, its neurotic oscillation between guilt-ridden bingeing and anorexic self-starvation, and its pathological fear of food, pleasure and life itself. Indeed, our whole diet culture is ultimately all about fear, and self-loathing, and endless dissatisfaction. That is the culture we live in. That is the culture we must change."