Wow. A new casket-saluting bar flunker?

They're filming "West Wing" outside my office today. If I had a camera, I would post a picture of Martin Sheen, who's hobbling up the front steps of Doheny as we speak. There are about a zillion tents, portapotties, wardrobe people, lighting guys, power trucks, craft services tables, and security guards. There's even a motorcade parked in front of the building, ready to escort President Bartlet to Dartmouth University.

Today's kitten. I can't help it.

Cosmo and I couldn't figure out why George Bush was smirking last night as he announced his SCOTUS nominee. Now we know.

I just listened to a girl have a long cellphone conversation in the stall next to me in the ladies room.

We saw Yolanda from "Airline" at Longs Drugs. Cosmo scared her by yelling "Yolanda!" and pointing her. She's very tall and gorgeous.

Hand me another Moose Munch Bar, willya?

I hereby proclaim that this is the most decadent, fantastic, heavenly chocolate bar of all time: the Harry and David Moose Munch Bar (dark chocolate). You may now return to your scheduled programming.

(They have them at Target. Go get one right now!)

Oh now that's sexy.

Thought for today.

“If you are dealing with The Singularity, the definition is that none of the rules work anymore,” says [Don E.] Kash. “If none of the rules work anymore, then you either say, ‘Well, what the hell, just ride it out and see what happens,’ or you try to formulate some new rules. You start with a rule that says that in managing society, you have to do it by trial and error. We have a rhetoric now in which politicians and corporate leaders have to talk as if they were in a position to control and manage,” despite the abundant evidence that this is not remotely the case.

From Radical Evolution, by Joel Garreau