Web-based RSS aggregators

I've been a loyal Bloglines user for some time, but lately I've been looking around at some of the other Web-based RSS aggregators. I tried Newsgator, which was very slow. I took a look at Yahoo, but I couldn't figure out how to import my feed subscriptions. Then I tried Google Reader, which I'm now in love with. Like all Google products, it's simple and elegant and a joy to use. I particularly like the ability to add a "clip blog" to your site (see sidebar to the left), which shows visitors blog posts that you have highlighted for their enjoyment. All I have to do is click on a post and it automatically feeds to that list for all to see.

Next I'm going to try out Google Notebook. I've already played around with del.icio.us and Kaboodle so far. I find del.icio.us kind of hard to use. Kaboodle is pretty cool. I've used it a lot in my home remodel, creating pages of bathtubs and tile vendors. But maybe Google will blow them out of the water. I'll report later.


J.E. said...

Oh that poor kitty in the story about the mountain lion!. I lived in Tucson for a while and we had cougars also. I always figured the cats were safe because we lived in the suburbs, but maybe not! Are they a problem in LA?

Jennifer said...

Not in most of L.A., but they do pop up once and a while in Orange County. When I was a kid we used to see coyotes a lot.