Life in the big city

Man, they sure know how to overreact in Marina del Rey. Here's the scene from my apartment window last night. I counted eight cop cars, and later a fire truck and an ambulance showed up. The police stopped a vehicle and ordered the driver to get out with her hands up. It took her a while to get herself together, and there was a long period where the cop was instructing her through the loudspeaker: "No, the left side! No, put your hands up! Turn left! Lie down!" Finally she figured it out and was handcuffed and whisked away to a squad car.

Afterwards I noticed a woman sitting on the grass near the sidewalk. A couple of cops were talking to her and seemed to be taking her blood pressure. When the ambulance arrived they brought her a wheelchair. She got up, but was violently shaking. I don't know if she was scared, or injured, or what. She got into the chair, they covered her with a blanket, and took her to the ambulance. The cops stood around talking and joking for a while, then everyone left.


CaliforniaStyle said...

That's so crazy! Hey, at least the cops came...sometimes they don't even show up until much later.