Let's roll

We saw United 93 last night. My neck muscles are sore from the tension it caused. I expected to cry, but it wasn't really that kind of movie. I got choked up seeing the pictures of the World Trade Center, as I always do, but mostly the movie was just intense, frustrating, and suffused with dread from beginning to end. There are no names, no back story, no exposition, and no subplots. No one falls in love or is reunited with their long lost father. It just unfolds before you as if you're there, and you wish you could join the passengers in rushing those little twerp highjackers and beating the crap out of them.


j.e. said...

I didn't see this post until just now. Frankly I'm a little scared to see this movie. I'm afraid it will just be frustrating and heartbreaking. I'm torn between the desire to "rush the twerps and beat the crap out of them" and to be meek, level-headed and objective. These were my countrymen, but I didn't know any of them, right? Where should our loyalties lie? Tough times for all.

I was out of the country when 9/11 happened. The people around me had all kinds of opinions about "why" it happened and what impact it would have on the global political situation. But none of them had their cities whacked, you know?. By the time I got back everyone had kind of started to deal with it. Very odd feeling.