Movie review: Reno 911 Miami

After reading the NYT review ("slapdash, on-and-off funny and exceedingly lazy"), I lowered my expectations and prepared myself for disappointment as we headed off to the movies this weekend. Fortunately, it was ok. Though it wasn't exactly Jackass Number Two (my current pick for funniest movie of the decade), Reno 911 was perfectly enjoyable -- like a long episode of the TV show, which is just fine with me.


J.E. said...

Watch it there Jen, your status as an urban sophisticate is in danger. Reno? Miami? That flies in flyover land, but not on your coast.

Reel Fanatic said...

The New York Times is congenitally unfit to review comedies that appeal to the masses ... I haven't seen this one yet, but if it's even close to being as funny as the TV show, that's good enough for me