Salvation Army

We had a ton of stuff to give away after we moved and the Salvation Army came to our rescue. They were the quickest of all the charities I looked into, and they have a very nifty Web site that allows you to schedule a pickup online. Worked like a charm, except they don't take cheapo Ikea pressboard bookshelves, of which we had many (who can blame them). Fortunately Goodwill took those off our hands. Goodbye college furniture! Does that mean we're grownups now?


The Wine Commonsewer said...

In my day (yawn) college furniture (and just-moved-out-of-mom's-place furniture) consisted of one large wooden spool (used as a coffee table) that was commandered from the phone company or electric company that had once been used to hold miles of cable. If you had a job, you could usually afford a couple of bean bag chairs. Bookshelves were cinder blocks with 1 x 12 pine boards stacked every foot or so upon which sat the only item of value that anyone owned; a killer stereo. In the corner was a hanging pothos.

I'll take Ikea. Which goes to the reality that, overall, everybody has more loot to spend today.

Jennifer said...

Well, you're a boy. If Cosmo had his way we'd have the spool and the cinder blocks. I've been fighting the good fight against them.