New House!

We moved into our new house on Sunday. Lessons learned this weekend:

  • We have too much stuff.
  • Our new high-definition TV rocks. Especially for watching Italy kick ass in the World Cup.
  • Crickets are a menace to society.
  • It's pretty sweet to drink wine in your pajamas, in your very own backyard.
Oh, and moving sucks. Hopefully we won't do it again for another 10 or 20 years.


j.e. said...


1. Congradulations on the house! You're a great American.
2. What's wrong with crickets?
3. Great new design on the blog! Really nice.
4. Wine / pajamas / backyard - sounds fabulous, and I'm sure looks even better.

G-Fimple said...

When are we all coming over for wine and cobbler on the patio?

The said...

Jacob was afraid of crickets when he was little. Once we explained that the onset of cricket noise marked the beginning of summer he was over it.

We have more junk than you do. Nanny. Already made one trip to the dump with a 5x10 trailer. It's full up again.

Congrats, really cool to finally get moved in. BTW, love the french, er, ah, freedom doors.

Jennifer said...

I shouldn't generalize about crickets. I'm sure some of them are perfectly reasonable, but the one that lives right next to our bedroom needs to get his act together. He spends every night sending some sort of morse code that no one wants to hear. Cheep, cheep-cheep, cheeeeep, cheep-cheep-cheep, cheep. Dude, shut up.

Anonymous said...

I am weirdly obsessed with looking at pictures of your new house. I think it's the remodeling. I've been trained by reality TV to be intensely intrigued by all visual depictions of houses and/or people and/or furniture being refurbished.

Plus, your new house looks AWESOME. I like the cabinets in the kitchen with the tile and stuff. W00t!

-- Annalee

Jennifer said...

Hey man, thanks for the compliments on our remodel. When the cable guy came by the other day, he told me we had "a nice crib." All our hard work has been rewarded at last.