It's Not Rocket Surgery

Just got back from a trip to Denver to attend a fundraiser conference. I won't bore you with the details, but let's just say there were a lot of "Livestrong" bracelets. I learned one or two interesting things, and got to steal a good joke from Robert Sharpe and make it the title of this post. Sharpe was by far the best thing about the conference. That guy knows his stuff.

I enjoyed my time in the six-block segment of Denver where I was staying, near the 16th Street Mall, which--besides the elaborately dressed goth teenagers--is a bit like a red state Santa Monica Promenade. Everyone seems to be trying just a little too hard. Exhibit A: the above sign.

The conference was in the shiny new Hyatt Regency Denver, which shows videos of cows in their elevators:

and has very cool lighting in its ballrooms:

It's right next to the Denver Convention Center, which has a giant blue bear trying to get in. Could belong to Paul Bunyan.

It's good to be home. Sweet, sweet Internet access.


j.e. said...

Glad to see you returned unscathed from that vast wasteland between NY and LA called "America"! We may not be fancy but we do have a lot of corn. And beef. Lots of that. Coal. Textile mills. You get the idea.