Stick a fork in me

I'm done with the Shangri La Diet. I did have some reduction in appetite, but I didn't lose weight any faster than I did with calorie restriction alone. And I felt like such a chump swallowing tablespoons of olive oil. It was for science I tell you!


j.e. said...

Actually I heard the founder of that diet interviewed on NPR. As I understand, the whole concept is that the body has a “set point” for weight, and that intake will adjust itself depending on whether we’re above or below the set point.

But I’ve read other articles that said, for first several thousand years of human existence, food was scarce and we were programmed to eat everything that was available against the time we wouldn’t have anything. Now food is plentiful, but thinness doesn’t really confer any survival advantage in the short term. So we still have the cravings, especially for saturated fats that are easily stored. So it seems to me that evolution will have set the “set point” permanently at “blimp”. Not a good target to shoot for!

Stephen said...

Well, if you got the same results as your traditional diets, I'd keep it up for the health benefits of the oil and because it appears that if you can modify your routine to always include the oil, the weight loss is more likely to be permanent.

Wish you well, regardless of what you do. After all, you are a great American. ;)