One more nail in the coffin

Great NY Times article on psychiatry's move toward genetic and physiological explanations for mental illness.

One woman spent 18 years at the lodge, barefoot, unkempt, closeted in her room. One day, he said, he looked out a window and saw her going for a morning walk, smartly dressed, wearing shoes; she had recently been given medication and began taking daily walks.


j.e. said...

It's like the 100th anniversary of Freud's death right now, and there was a radio program talking about how brilliant he was, and how he inferred all these ideas about the id and superego, etc, until finally one guy called in and asked what data he used to base all these ideas on. At that point they had to give in and confess that he basically just pulled it all out of his ear, and that it had been pretty much totally discredited. Hilarious.