I think what Howard Stern is doing is very interesting. On Sirius he has an entire news staff covering him, his show, and all the hangers on that surround him. They take a hard news approach and even report things he doesn't want reported, like secrets from staff meetings. Then he also has a "Super-Fan Roundtable" show, where his fans sit around and talk about what they like and dislike about the show, what they think is going to happen, and how much money the show regulars make. Yesterday, the "Howard 100 News" was covering the "Super-Fan Roundtable" and talking to participants who didn't get to be on the show this week. It's about as meta as you can get. (Is it meta to use the term meta?)

I think it's interesting because the behind-the-scenes stuff was always the most interesting part of the show to me. I love the psychodrama going on between the staff and "whack pack", and the way they harass each other. It's like a psychotic soap opera. The more of that they do, and as little of the strippers and porn stars as possible, the better.

I also love the cliffhanger idea. Everyone on the show is going to tell an extremely embarassing secret about themselves to their producer. He's going to announce all the stories on the last terrestrial radio show, but not say whose story is whose. You'll have to tune in to their first Sirius show to find out.