You want to know what I hate? You do? Ok. I hate those "My Name is Earl" radio commercials where a bunch of hipster doofi sit around talking. One of the doofi says he's seen this great new show, where a guy goes around apologizing for all the bad things he's done in his life, and it's different. Yeah, yeah, say all the other douchebags. They always say that. Every year there's some new show that's supposed to be different, but they're all the same. Oh no, says the network shill doofus. This one's different. It's, like, a "fish out of water" story, completely different than all other TV shows that have ever come before! It's got, like, that guy from Almost Famous in it! He grew, like, a mustache! See? You gotta, like, watch!

Now, I'm all for appealing to cynical gen-x doofi like myself with inventive marketing, but this kind of stuff is begging us to hate it. Oh wait, the commercial says this show's not like every other lame "fish out of water" story TV has come up with for the past fifty years? This one's different? Sign me the fuck up!

Two words: Puh Leeze.


Doofi said...

I hate you if you are still talking about this show as though it is new or good. I hate you if you are bored and do a search on your own blog's profile and come across other blogs that equally hate the hipster doofi. Anyhoo, I share the hatred.