Fire in the Taco Bell

I just got the Electric Six album Fire and I frackin love it, and not just because my hero Jack White sings backup on "Danger! High Voltage." (But I do have to admit that when his unmistakable vocal style shows up . . . chills!) I know it came out four years ago, but I'm old and don't know as much as I used to about these kids and their rock and roll.

How can you not like a band with song titles like "I Buy the Drugs" and "Gay Bar"? It seems to me that they're achieving something like what The Darkness (apparently destined for obscurity now that their lead singer has quit) was after, without the novelty feel -- just pure fun dancy rock and roll. I dig it.


yorbacus said...

I love that CD also. I live in the Detroit area, where the band is from, and was in the UK a few years ago when it came out. All the locals were like "We love that band from your town!" At the time I had no clue who they were.

I think She's White is my fave. Enjoi!