The end of books?

Sebastian Mary explores an idea that has occurred to me once or twice:

I'm 27. I write well. I have plenty to say. I ought to be the 'future of the book'. But I want to introduce myself on if:book by proposing that perhaps the future of the book is not a future of books. Or at least it's not one of authorship, but of writing. Now, please don't get me wrong: I don't think print publishing has nothing to offer. I'm an English graduate. I like the physicality of books, the way you can annotate them, the way they start conversations or act as a currency among friends. But I feel deeply that the print industry is out of step with the contemporary cultural landscape, and will not produce the principal agents in the future of that landscape. And I'm not sure that ebooks will, either. My hunch is that things are going two ways: writers as orchestrators of mass creativity, or writers as wielders of a new rhetoric.